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Aimee Kandrac

Making Vision a Reality

​Aimee’s story began when a close friend, Laura, was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor at the age of 25. Aimee, her mom and her sister took charge and coordinated all of the non-medical care and rallied hundreds of friends to show their support. Recognizing the need

for a simpler way to coordinate care, Aimee co-founded WhatFriendsDo.


At WhatFriendsDo, Aimee is an innovator. Instigator. Advice giver. Leader. She excels at inspiring others to pitch in and help, and sees WhatFriendsDo as an incredible opportunity to take caring to a new level, but in a very personal, powerful and viral way.


Aimee spent the early years of her career in Development and Fundraising in both non-profits and higher education. Her experience with organizing and managing events, strategic planning and fundraising was instrumental when she became the first female CEO

in the State of Indiana to close a $500,000 round of funding.


At her core, Aimee is passionate about running a technology-based company centered on helping friends and families going through a life-changing event. Her innovative leadership has earned her recognition as one of Indy’s Best and Brightest from Junior Achievement of Central Indiana and as a Top 50 Mompreneur of the Year from


Aimee speaks to organizations about “what friends do” in times of crisis and life-changing events. She has been a featured speaker at Network of Women in Business (NOWIB), Successful Women Made Here, the Indiana Conference for Women, and VERGE. Aimee has

been featured in print and online in, Fortune, Time, LA Times, Advancing Women,, Indianapolis Woman and the Indianapolis Star, as well as many TV, radio and podcasts.


Aimee is a graduate of the University of Illinois and enjoys spending time with her two children, cooking and playing in her garden.

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