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Welcome to my Kitchen

When a major life event occurs, you call your friends; you gather in the kitchen, provide support, share stories, create nourishment and then start to get life taken care of. Kitchen Chats with Aimee is embracing the moments in life that are difficult to navigate alone, and showing our community that they no longer have to. We would like to welcome you to join Aimee at the Kitchen counter. 

All About Me

Hi there. I’m Aimee Kandrac, the co-founder and CEO of WhatFriendsDo, and now the host of Kitchen Chats. 

I created WhatFriendsDo with my sister and my Mom after one of our family friends lost her battle with brain cancer. Through the process, we were inspired to create an easy-to-use online platform for others to provide organized, actionable support during a time of crisis.


The WhatFriendsDo online platform helps coordinate meals, errands, transportation, childcare, communication, and more for friends and family in the middle of life-changing events. It’s wonderful, and I love it. But I wanted to do more.


Which is why I’m so excited to share this podcast with you -- whether you’re a long-time fan of WhatFriendsDo or new to our community.


The Kitchen Chats podcast is an extension of all the best parts of WhatFriendsDo. My guests/friends and I share actionable, accessible advice that can help you, your friends, and your family navigate those difficult times in life when you may not know what to do next. We’ll give you ideas for how to help someone in your own life who may be struggling, and we’ll destigmatize asking for help when you’re the one in a tough situation.


There will be laughing, crying, and the occasional bad word. And of course, lots of love and support.


Now to answer some of the questions you may have.


Why is it called Kitchen Chats?


I called the podcast Kitchen Chats because whenever something crappy in life happens, I gather my friends and family around my kitchen counter and we figure out what comes next. Kitchen Chats the podcast is all about what to do in those moments. You’ll meet some of the people who are part of my Kitchen Chat crew and learn how we’ve supported each other during our own Kitchen Counter moments.


What is a Kitchen Counter Moment?


A Kitchen Counter Moment is the life-changing event when you have to figure out what comes next. In each episode, I ask my guest to share a Kitchen Counter Moment in their own life. And so now I’d like to share mine.

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