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Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength

The Vulnerability of Asking for Help: While most people would say they have no trouble offering help to a friend or co-worker in need, many of those same people struggle with knowing what the “right thing” to do is in these situations.  Even more have trouble asking for and receiving help of their own.  Have you seen this in your office, your place of worship, among your circle of friends?


In this engaging discussion, WhatFriendsDo Co-Founder, Aimee Kandrac, will share keys to both giving AND receiving help when life throws a curve ball.  What do you do if you offer and someone says no?  What if you offer the wrong kind of help?  How do you admit when YOU’RE the one who needs a little help from your friends?


More than just a Meal Train, Amazon Wish List or offer to walk your dog, this session will help you understand how to give your support and how to ask for and receive help from others.  You’ll walk away with a few new ideas that will help you truly express your care and concern with someone who needs it—and do it in a way that is most meaningful to you and to them.

Bring Back the Watercooler

"Small Talk" at the watercooler improves employee engagement, creates connection and ultimately effects the bottom line. The statistics don’t lie: 93% of employees say they’re more likely to stay with an empathetic employer (Businessolver, 2019). Recognizing your employees as whole people, not just by the title on their business card, can dramatically increase your employee engagement and retention.  How do you do this? More importantly, what can you do to support your employees when life gets tough?


Aimee Kandrac, Founder of WhatFriendsDo, brings you an interactive session full of actionable, low-cost ideas that will allow you to take care of your employees outside of their role in the office.


Some of the scenarios Aimee’s talk will help you solve include:


  • Death in the family

  • Cancer/serious health diagnosis of the employee or family member

  • Having a baby

  • Moving

  • Divorce

  • Becoming a caregiver (sick relative, aging parent, etc.)


Through this quick-paced conversation, Aimee will leave you with specific ideas you can use to support your employees and boost your company culture at the same time.  After all, 93% of employees want to work somewhere where empathy exists when life gets complicated—and Aimee’s list can help you do just that. 

Using the Entrepreneurial Mindset inside your Cooperation

Creative, entrepreneurial thinking it's just for the CEO & Founder. All employees can have the opportunity to help improve and grow companies. Implementing time and space for employees to think and engage in an entrepreneurial way helps solve business problems and creates deeper connection and passion with employees and the company. 

Aimee Kandrac, Founder of WhatFriendsDo, and adjunct professor of entrepreneurship, brings you an interactive session talking about how you can encourage your employees to think creatively to help move your company forward.

Stop Hiding and Start Sharing: Why You Should Talk to Everyone About Your Start-up Idea

Aimee Kandrac didn’t have any plans of starting a company, especially not with a six-month old, a two-year-old and a husband in medical school. But when her mom called with a business idea around the things they had been doing to support a family friend who was dying of brain cancer, Aimee immediately said YES!


Asking for help is a sign of strength, and Aimee will lead you through all the reasons why asking for help and engaging your network is only going to strengthen your business idea.  As the co-founder of WhatFriendsDo, Aimee knows the power of asking for help first hand.  She’s asked her kids, her friends and even a few Fortune 500 CEOs.  That courage helped her become the first female CEO in Indiana to raise $500,000 in funding and to be honored with the Dolphin Tank award from the IN Conference for Women.


If you’ve ever thought to yourself “what if someone steals my big idea,” or “I don’t want to talk about it until I have everything figured out,” this session is for you.  Aimee will help you debunk the most common myths… and she’ll share a few strategies about how to balance launching your big idea while driving carpool and keeping your sanity at the same time.

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