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That’s where we, your friends, come in to help.

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What our readers say

"This planner was a big help as we prepared for changes in our family. I was grateful to have a place to keep all of my important notes, needs, and wants so when people asked me what I needed, even if I wasn’t in the right headspace to think about it, I had something I could refer to quickly." - Amazon Review

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In moments of unexpected challenge and upheaval, navigating life's twists and turns can feel overwhelming.


That's where our planner stands apart from the rest. Unlike generic organizing planners, we understand that no two crises are alike, and that's why we've crafted a planner designed specifically for those facing life's unexpected hurdles. With the collective wisdom gleaned from assisting thousands through various trials, we've curated a tool to help you manage the chaos and doubt with clarity and confidence. Let us be your guiding light amidst the uncertainty, providing structure and support when you need it most. Because in times of crisis, having a trusted companion by your side can make all the difference.

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Customizable Care Plan Sections

Customizable sections dedicated to organizing the various aspects of supporting a friend or family member during a health or life crisis. Users can tailor these sections to include specific tasks, appointments, and responsibilities relevant to their situation, ensuring that everyone involved understands their role and knows how to contribute effectively.

Collaborative Task Management

Facilitates collaborative task management by allowing multiple users to access and update the care plan. Through designated areas for task assignment, progress tracking, and communication, friends and family members can coordinate efforts seamlessly, ensuring that no essential task falls through the cracks and that everyone can contribute meaningfully to support their loved one.

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Resource and Contact Management

Recognizing that people may need different types of support during a crisis, the planner includes features for managing resources and contacts. Users can compile essential information such as medical contacts, community support services, and relevant documents in one centralized location, making it easier to access vital resources and communicate effectively with healthcare professionals and support networks. Additionally, the planner may offer suggestions or templates for organizing resources and contacts based on common needs and challenges experienced during life crises.

About the Author


Aimee's journey started with her friend Laura's battle against a terminal brain tumor at just 25. Together with her family, they coordinated care and rallied support. Seeing the need for simpler caregiving coordination, Aimee co-founded WhatFriendsDo.

At WhatFriendsDo, Aimee is an innovator, leader, and motivator, inspiring others to lend a hand in times of need. Her background in fundraising and strategic planning, along with her role as Indiana's first female CEO to secure a $500,000 round of funding, laid the foundation for her success.

Passionate about leveraging technology to support those facing life-changing events, Aimee's leadership has earned her accolades as one of Indy's Best and Brightest and a Top 50 Mompreneur of the Year.

Aimee shares her insights on caregiving and crisis support through speaking engagements and media features, appearing in Forbes, Fortune, and A graduate of the University of Illinois, Aimee cherishes time with her children and indulges her love for cooking and gardening.

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About the Author

What's in the Book


Incident Documentation

Recording your experiences through writing, despite initial reluctance, can offer healing and catharsis, while also providing a valuable historical record for potential future needs.


Contact Info and Tips

Pages to document important contact info as well as tips for all areas of care for your impacted friend or loved one.


Logistics Management

Areas to document transportation details, pet care needs, kids' schedules, and more.



Prompts to document food preferences, housework, paperwork/finances, and scheduling with a journal, notes, and calendar.

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What's Inside
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