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Aimee Kandrac



About Aimee

Aimee speaks to organizations about “what friends do” in times of crisis and life-changing events. She speaks of the twists and turns in life, and of the many creative and inexpensive ways to ease the burden for friends and co-workers when their lives take those twists and turns. Aimee is the host of the podcast What Friends Do Kitchen Chats.

Speaking Topics

Engage your audience

Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength

Bring Back the Water Cooler

Incorporating the Entrepreneurial Mindset in your Corporation


Free Consultation
Aimee helps people bring ideas to fruition. She works with people on ideas about forming a business, how to move to the next career step, or places your current business is stuck or could expand. 
Contact Aimee today for a free 30 minute consultation.


“Aimee engaged our audience immediately, and held their attention as if she was conversing with close friends. Her quick-paced style included humor, compassion, and energy. She embraced real life topics and scenarios, and not only motivated our group to take action, but alleviated their dread for dealing with difficult situations.”

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